FreeKick Helps Parents Build Strong Credit for Their Children Without Setting Them Up as Authorized Users


By Mike Senecal August 29, 2023 In a Nutshell: Starting adult life with a meager credit history or a low credit score is never an advantage. But there are financial pitfalls when parents try to get the ball rolling for their children ages 14-25 by adding them to their accounts as authorized users. FreeKick is […]

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Money Talks News: The Podcast – How to Protect Your Kids Credit


In this Money Talks News: The Podcast episode, we’re talking about protecting your kid’s identity and building their credit. You might be surprised to learn that 1 in 50 children is affected by child identity fraud, costing consumers nearly $1 billion per year. So, how do you make sure your child isn’t the one whose […]

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Fast Company: As Gen Z consumers look to build credit histories, FreeKick offers a possible way in


BY SAM BECKER Many young people in the United States face a common conundrum when entering the job market: It’s difficult to find a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job. There’s a similar dynamic at play when it comes to building credit. Millions of young adults don’t have credit histories […]

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Consumer Affairs: Pros and Cons of Being an Authorized User on a Credit Card


Austin Capital Bank CEO and founder and creator of FreeKick Erik Beguin is quoted in this article on pros and cons of being an authorized user on a credit card. View the complete article here: Pros and cons of being an authorized user on a credit card By Holly Johnson Published April 28, 2023 […]

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Business Insider: New product FreeKick lets parents help their children build credit without making them an authorized user


  – FreeKick is a credit-builder product that can help parents build credit for their children ages 14-25. – Users make a $1,000-$2,500 deposit into a savings account, used to pay off a $600 credit-builder loan over a year. – Depending on the size of the deposit, a FreeKick account will cost $0 – $99 […]

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