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Empowering Responsible financial innovation

Austin Capital Bank powers responsible financial innovation. We aim to make a positive impact on the lives of all our customers and their communities with every product or service we offer. As a FDIC insured bank, we create custom solutions leveraging our secure proprietary cloud banking platform with strong consumer protection and regulatory compliance built right in.


Trident® Technology Platform

At the heart of Austin Capital Bank’s financial innovation is our proprietary Trident technology platform. The Trident platform is built with a robust scalable micro service architecture interconnected by APIs, allowing the bank to rapidly prototype, test, and deploy nationally innovative financial services both internally and for our partners.

Trident technology allows the bank to securely offer financial services online with true ‘Bank Security’ operational and technology protocols for all personal, credit, and financial information. As part of a FDIC insured bank, both the bank and its information technology are examined directly by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation on a regular basis. All accounts and funds managed on the Trident platform are fully insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to the highest allowable FDIC insurance limits. World class KYC/AML/BSA protocols are built into every solution we create and PII data stored on the Trident platform is encrypted at multiple levels. We also use an HTTPS/SSL 256-bit encryption layer with web browsers to protect sensitive information while in transit between web browsers and the Trident platform.


Our Brands

FreeKick ( FreeKick.Bank ) Parent sponsored credit building for minors and young adults. FreeKick helps minors and young adults establish and build a strong credit profile that gives them a head start in life.

MAGNUM ( MAGNUM.Bank ) When you have the cash, but not credit. MAGNUM allows consumers to rapidly build a substantial amount of personal credit with interest-free credit builder loans from $12,500 to $50,000. While many credit builder loan providers charge 15% or more interest, MAGNUM charges no interest, so 100% of every monthly payment builds savings as well as credit.

CreditStrong ( ) is the first bank brand we launched on the Trident platform. Credit Strong is the reliable way for consumers to establish, build, or rebuild strong credit. The Credit Strong product line builds on the bank’s experience of developing and offering the first nationwide credit builder accounts. Credit Strong accounts combine both an installment credit builder loan and a savings account to help consumers build credit and savings simultaneously in a reliable and safe manner.

CreditStrong Family of Products

Credit Strong Instal Our entry level credit builder loans with our lowest monthly payments of just $28, $38, and $48 that allow you to build $1,000 or more of credit and savings in just 24, 36, or 48 months.

Credit Strong Revolv Instantly build $500 of revolving credit with a low annual fee of just $99 and no required monthly payments.

CS Max large credit builder loans that allow you to build sizeable credit with a lower monthly payment of just $49, $99, $199, or $449. CS Max accounts charge interest on the credit builder loans (vs interest-free MAGNUM accounts).

CreditStrong for Business Build business credit using the EIN for your company. Keep your business credit profile separate form your personal credit profile.


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