Long-Term Rentals

These days it can be tough to find good deals in Central Texas, but if you’re fortunate enough to get a good cash flowing property under contract at a below market price, or if you have financing on a portfolio of rental properties you want to restructure, simplify, or cash out, we offer the best of both worlds; conventional financing or in-house custom financing.


Conventional Financing — Often the best possible financing for a buy and hold strategy is a government sponsored conventional mortgage loan (FNMA/FHLMC) we can accommodate all your conventional financing needs through our HomeVantage mortgage division.


Custom In-House Financing — If you don’t qualify for conventional financing because you own too many properties, don’t fit inside the conventional underwriting box, hold your properties in an LLC, or have a unique deal structure, we can often craft a customized financing solution for your specific circumstances and objectives.


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