Residential Investor Real Estate

At Austin Capital Bank, we’re not your typical community bank; in fact, we believe that we are noticeably uncommon. We recognize the requirements of real estate investors are often not met by conventional financing options and offer custom products and solutions for your unique needs.

We don’t just offer investment real estate loans, we specialize in them. We understand that creative deals often require creative financing.

We take a non-traditional banking approach to investor financing because we aren’t traditional bankers. We are active real estate investors ourselves, so we approach each request from an investor’s point of view, not a banker’s.

Our relationships begin with ‘what is your objective’ not ‘what is the rate and term’.

Is your objective to…

  • Generate a steady stream of passive cash flow?
  • Enhance the rate of return on your investment?
  • Consolidate your loans and simplify your current financing?
  • Obtain cash out financing to create liquidity for additional acquisitions or cash reserves?

Each objective maybe better served by a different loan structure. It is our unique approach to help you craft the best possible custom solution for you.

As a community bank where decisions are made quickly and locally, we can customize a financing solution for your unique situation and objectives.

If you’re an active and experienced real estate investor, we’d like to speak with you.

For existing relationships we can close loans exceptionally quickly, so even if you don’t have a project in hand right now, speak to us today to be prepared for a quick close tomorrow.

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