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Offered exclusively through Austin Capital Bank (in partnership with Payscout), we will help you grow your retail and/or online business.

With $0 setup and monthly fees!  

Mobile Rewards Marketplace is here!

Mobile Rewards Marketplace is an easy way to connect with mobile-savvy shoppers. Shoppers use the mobile Marketplace to earn rewards on their purchases that can be used as cash on future purchases. Businesses are featured in the Marketplace for free and only pay when a shopper completes a mobile payment at checkout. Your business ends up with more mobile presence and new customers.

  • There are NO start-up costs or monthly fees!
  • Merchants pay a small marketing fee (average 2%) and whatever reward you want to give your mobile customers (typically 2% – 10%).
  • Pay per use platform – Only pay when a customer pays with their phone at your business.


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Unlimited mobile ads in the Mobile Rewards Marketplace!

Mobile Rewards Marketplace You Get:

  • Mobile ads you create in minutes
  • Simple checkouts: enter CODE from customer’s phone
  • Rewards program invitation by text message to customers
  • Transaction information at your fingertips
  • Increased foot traffic to your retail/online store
  • Offer incentives for customers to buy from you more frequently
  • Gain customer loyalty

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