We are proudly expanding our social commitment to give back to our community through our Interest On Lawyer Trust Account services. Through IOLTA, we are able to help people in need get access to their civil right to a fair trial. This tax-exempt, zero cost account generates interest and pools funds that are used for state aid.


  • Interest earned goes towards the civil right to a fair trial
  • Interest is paid to Texas Access to Justice Foundation (“TAJF”)
  • No hidden fees
  • No minimum balance requirement to start earning interest
  • Proud TAJF Prime Partner
  • Free services include:
    • Business online banking
    • Bill pay
    • Mobile banking
    • E-statements
    • Other Services Available
  • Wire Transfers – transfer funds securely around the country with our wire transfer services.
  • eChecks – Stop writing manual checks and use our eCheck service! It’s safer, faster and less expensive than traditional check writing.
  • Deposits are FDIC® insured up to the legal limit.

Information regarding Beneficial Owners is required by law in order to open an account.


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